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We take considerable pride in the process we’ve developed through years of experience building custom homes. We continue to use innovative techniques and processes to improve and maintain our skill.  Our process is based on the Project Management Institute’s best practices and is broken down into three phases. The goal is to take the guesswork and the anxiety out of having your custom home built.


The pre-construction or planning phase is the most important of all. It defines how your home will be built based on your current and future lifestyle, the function of each living space, and the amenities that are selected to give your home its unique character. 

During this phase, our team of professionals will be working on the structural integrity of your home based on the architectural design selected. All the structural decisions are made during this phase, from the design of your foundation (which is based on soil samples tested from your lot) to the structural design of the framing components, including the wall, flooring, and roofing systems. Our engineer partners have years of experience and are fully licensed.

  • During the pre-construction phase our team will assist you with:
  • Selecting a lot and/or community if you do not own your lot
  • Interpretation of Home Owner Associate (HOA) covenant and guideline if applicable
  • Selecting an architect or designer if you do not have your own set of plans
  • Selecting a bank or mortgage company if you will be financing the construction of your home and have not selected a bank
  • Selecting amenities and design elements to complement the architectural design of your home

At the end of the phase, we will collaborate with you to finalize the specifications and amenities of your home. Once these items are finalized, we will present you with a budget and building schedule for your review and approval. Upon your approval and the signing of the construction contract, we are ready to move to the next phase.

Pre-Construction Timeline: 2 – 6 months with an average of 4 months


The construction phase is the visualization of all your efforts, allowing you to see the details and character of your home take shape. Our team of skilled craftsmen and suppliers will be working closely together with our Master Builder to ensure your home is built based on the personalization you have selected and the functionalities you specified for your new home.

The construction phase is broken down in several stages from lot excavation – where we prepare your lot for building – to the “finish-out” of your home where we make it ready for final inspection and your move-in. While there are several stages in this phase, these are three major ones that are important to the completion of your home.

  • Foundation
  • Pre-Drywall/Insulation
  • Final Trim/Finish-out

During this phase, communication is more important than ever. There will be scheduled periodic walk-throughs at various intervals to review your selections and the progress of your home. The budget and schedule will be the center of all meetings and status reports throughout the project to ensure we are trending within your approved budget and your home is on track to be completed as scheduled.

Construction Timeline: 6 – 12 months with an average of 9 months.


The post-construction phase of the building process is significant in making your new custom home ready for your move-in. Once your home is completed, our team will orient you on the amenities and functions of your new custom home. They will also provide you with your owner’s guide which they will reference throughout your orientation.

During your orientation, we will reference your owner’s guide to walk you through the upkeep of your new custom home and how to safely and properly operate your appliances, security system, heating and cooling system and much more. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and become familiar with your home.

We will also be reviewing your warranty package with you (one of the best in the industry). To ensure your complete satisfaction, our team will perform periodic scheduled inspections of your new custom home during the first 12 months to make sure the elegant craftsmanship and quality material used in the building of your new home continue to look and function as expected.


Information, including pricing, included specifications, features and amenities, are subject to change at any time without notice or obligation.


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